6 Honor Trail

.50 acres

Lots in Yellowstone Club’s American Spirit maximize ski access and guarantee close proximity to Rainbow Lodge. Mature vegetation and astounding mid-mountain views ensure that Homesite 854 will provide the foundation for a private, beautifully situated American Spirit home that will include and have access to everything the neighborhood has to offer. This .50 acre lot features a spacious 15,675 sq. ft. building envelope and situates owners for beautiful views of Lone Peak, Pioneer Mountain, and the Spanish Peaks. The Cabin Fever ski run provides quick access to the American Spirit lift, allowing for a seamless ski-in/ski-out experience, while open space to the south of the lot ensures privacy.


  • .50 acre lot
  • Building envelope: 15,675 square feet
  • Views of Pioneer Mountain, Lone Peak, Spanish Peaks
  • Open space to the south of the lot ensures privacy.
  • Ski in/ski out access via the Cabin Fever ski run/American Spirit lift
  • Short drive to Rainbow Lodge